If life is a highway, food is the fuel.

The restaurant cuisine of Arkansas was crafted by transportation, by immigration… and by family heritage. Join author Kat Robinson and photographer Grav Weldon on this region-by-region exploration of the state’s classic and iconic restaurants. Learn how fried chicken came to a tiny burg called Tontitown. Find out who’s responsible for the creation of the Arkansas Delta Tamale. Discover who created the fried pickle – and how the Reuben sandwich made it to a majority of menus around the state. Visit Bill Clinton's favorite haunts and the places where Elvis Presley dined. From century-old soda fountains to heritage bakeries and the birthplace of cheese dip, discover The Natural State through these tasty travelogues. 

Begin the journey with the introduction of Classic Eateries of the Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley, available at regional booksellers and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and The History Press.  Continue this culinary quest with Classic Eateries of the Arkansas Delta, available for pre-order now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and The History Press.  Look for more on Arkansas's restaurant past in upcoming works.

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